Yoga for Back and  Neck Care 
   with Anne Saliou 
These series are designed for those who experience discomfort or limitations in their back, shoulders or neck. Each class builds on the previous class to offer students a progressive, safe and comprehensive approach to back, neck or shoulders rehabilitation. 
Back Care 1 (Beginning Back Care) is appropriate for students who have never done Yoga before, and are experiencing tightness or discomfort in their hips, lower back or in their back in general.

Back Care 2 ( Continuing Back Care)  is for students who have completed one Back Care or one Neck care series, and are ready to move on to more challenging poses.     It is a transition class between Back Care and the regular classes.

Upper Back, Shoulders and Neck Care is for those who are experiencing discomfort in their upper body, shoulders, arms or neck.  No prior Yoga experience is required.  
Yoga is an experiential subject based on personal practice.
In order to get maximum benefit from these series it is necessary to practice at home what you learn in class. 
A few words about Yoga
In these classes based on the work of BKS Iyengar, you will learn:
About the series 
All new students, before registering :
Space is limited.  Advance registration is required to reserve your place
-Check with your physician that Yoga is appropriate for your
-Contact Anne to make sure that you can benefit from the class and
  that you register in the proper series



1. Fill out "The Back & Neck Care Form" and email it to Anne
2. Mail your check to Anne or proceed to the online
3. Download and fill out the waiver, and bring it with you on
     your first class               
"Anne Saliou's Back and Neck Care classes are AWESOME! She has taught me how to take myself out of pain.  Anne's class has helped me more than physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and pain pills. Classes are small and taught with an assistant so you get a lot of individual attention.  Anne takes great care to ensure that you are doing the pose correctly and not in pain. I highly recommend this class to anyone experiencing back problems." 
- Liesel R. 

 I have been studying and practicing yoga for over ten years. I took Anne's neck-care class to try to resolve my neck issues. 
The class has been absolutely phenomenal.  Not only have I resolved my neck issues, but I have learned things about my posture (during my daily life and in my yoga poses) that I had never been aware of before.  I will take these lessons learned to every aspect of my life: my yoga practice, sitting and standing and just general daily movements.   
Anne is so extremely knowledgeable!  I would highly recommend this class for everyone!  It doesn't matter what level yoga student you are.  There is knowledge in the class for the aspiring teacher (such as myself) to someone who has never done a yoga pose in their life.
- Charmaine E
•ways to relieve muscle tension and nerve pain 
•safe poses to increase the flexibility in your hips, back, shoulders 
   and neck                  
•strengthening poses to provide adequate support to your spine 
   and neck                         
•poses to improve your posture and alignment
•relaxation techniques to help you reduce mental stress often 
   associated with chronic pain
You will receive personalized attention and learn sequences of poses appropriate for your specific condition.  You will develop the tools to control pain and to avoid further degeneration of your spine by restoring the natural equilibrium of your back and/ or neck.
About the classes

 All the Back And Neck series are still suspended 

In the mean time keep practicing...
 Back Care 1    (for beginning students or students new to Back Care)                                 Dates to be announced

Back Care 2     (for continuing Back or Neck Care students)
                    Dates to be announced

 Upper Back, Shoulders & Neck Care (mixed levels)
                    Dates to be announced